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Using the 3D Printer

In the side room (heater, computer, oil bath):

  1. Turn on oven (flip both the black Power & Heater switches) to 60o
  2. At the computer, find / save file to be printed (.STL format, mm preferred unit) in Projet Folder
  3. At the computer, select Client Manager program >> double click Projet524
    • Submit >> New Job (provide name)
    • Options >> check boxes for Verify STL file, Enable Part Placement, Save Job
    • Email (provide email)
    • Units (whatever the part was made in, interesting conversions may occur if Imperial units used)
    • Build Style: use UHD if possible
      • HD: necessary for larger parts
      • UHD: less wax used, higher resolution part, but less space is allotted
      • whichever is used, check associated shrinkage numbers! (displayed on 3D printer in other room)
    • Select File >> Preview >> place parts
      • long oblong rectangle that appears with parts is required by machine
      • leave ~5mm between parts so parts don’t merge together / additional wax is not used
      • Tip: time to print is a function of the parts’ height
      • orange = part is outside allotted space; red = part is overlapping another part
  4. Online, go to the bookmarked form “Camarillo Projet”
    • fill out form: 3D Modeler print preview
    • Build Time: see (in Client Manager) Tools >> Build Time Estimate
    • Weight of part, support: see (in Client Manager) View >> Part Info
    • Record how much crystal/wax is needed for this print job (will need this information later)
    • Submit
  5. Close Client Manager program >> Submit Job
    • Printer is offline- can still cancel the job at this time

In the main room (3d printer, fridge):

  1. Brush off metal plate, place it in 3d printer, match up notches, press black button switch to secure
  2. On 3d Printer:
    • Main Menu >> Materials (make sure you have enough crystal and wax for this print job)
    • Back >> Back
    • Online >> Platform empty? (check; choose Yes)
    • Exceeds Waste → pull bottom tray, rotate back right tray so back right corner is empty (this is where wax is dispensed)
    • Start job!
  3. When parts are done, release metal plate by pressing black button switch inside 3d printer
    • put plate with parts into fridge until parts slide off easily

In the side room (heater, computer, oil bath):

  1. Remove wax & clean
    • Oven: place parts here for 15-45 min based on amount of wax; to aid wax removal chip off large parts ~every 15 min; put small parts on paper towel so they don’t fall through
    • Clean plate with a scraper
    • Oil bath: submerge parts for ≤ 15 min; should be at 60-65o (too high could contort small parts)
    • Wash parts with dish soap
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