Instructions for the Web Camera at Stanford

Webcam is located in the Biomimetics/DML Conf room. Attached to 'markspc'

To view the video from remote location

IP number for viewing: This is actually the IP number of the firewall hub, which redirects to markspc for port 8080 (httpd)

You need ActiveX or Java-enabled browser. (Runs a bit faster under ActiveX).

To launch the webcam application while in the conf. room

NEW MarkCutkosky 20 Sept. 04
Using a different program now (more stable?) Source:
Currently set up to work with an inexpensive USB camera (Logitech QuickCam)

Double click on 'DMLwebcam.AWSes' This should launch the Active Web Cam shareware with the right settings.

The application consumes a significant fraction of the CPU. I get best results by minimizing it as soon as the camera image shows up. Then CPU usage drops.

Also, it only seems to work if logged in as somebody with Administrator privileges on the computer.

-- MarkCutkosky - 26 Feb 2004; 20 Sep 2004.

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