Example "scrapbook" page with pictures and text

The idea is that you can use a very simple html table in your twiki page. To use the formatting, click "Edit" on this page, copy & paste into your page. (And then click "Cancel" on the original page so you don't modify it.)

To get the pictures you "Attach" them and click the box that says "Create a link to the attached file at the end of the topic." --- this will cause TWiki to generate the text for making the picture appear on in your page. You can then move this text to wherever you want it in the page.

A new table starts with the command "table" in angle brackets. Similarly, "tr" starts a new row and "td" starts a new data entry (a new cell). So now we are in the first column of the first row. If you don't want any border on your table you can simply delete the "border=1" text in the table specification.

The picture at right is Mark & Laura on the tower shortly after it opened in March 2002.


Second row, first column. Here is a picture of one of the bells. I believe they were silenced after around 1950 when people feared their vibrations could cause the tower to fail. I think it's OK to ring them again now but I don't actually remember...

Note that when you attach your pictures to a page, you should first scale them to whatever size you want. Perhaps 320x320 pixels for a one-column picture or 640x480 for a full page width. Experiment... if you click on Action for any picture there is an option to overwrite the original with a new version by uploading a new picture with the same name.


-- MarkCutkosky - 05 Apr 2005

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